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SCORPION 1033-635

Engine + Drive train.

Ensuring the optimum interplay between all elements and components of the drive train was also a key design objective in the new CLAAS telehandler, to provide maximum power, optimum operating reliability and a long service life.


SCORPION 1033-635

Engine + Drive train.

Ensuring the optimum interplay between all elements and components of the drive train was also a key design objective in the new CLAAS telehandler, to provide maximum power, optimum operating reliability and a long service life.

Engine + Drive train.


Advanced high-performance engines.

The Deutz high-torque 4-cylinder high-performance engines, featuring 4-valve technology and turbocharger, deliver 100 kW (136 hp). This engine variant has plenty of power in reserve, even for the toughest pushing and material handling tasks. Intelligent common rail injection systems keep fuel consumption down to a minimum.

  • High optimum performance, thanks to CPS
  • Optimum fuel consumption / power ratio
  • Intelligent engine control
  • Maximum torque of 500 Nm

Enough fuel for long working days.

The large steel fuel tank, with a capacity of 150 litres, is located under the cab on the left of the machine, providing maximum ease of access and protection. The solid steel underbody protection provides maximum safety in everyday operations.

  • The tank volumes allow longer worker times without a break
  • Minimises the risks of damage when operating in tough conditions

Cooling system.

Clean air supply as standard equipment.

Air intake in the SCORPION is via a sieve located in the clean, dust-free area of the machine. This minimises soiling of the cooling fins with straw, grass and silage. Large particles of dust and dirt never get into the air circuit in the first place.

  • Direct route to the air filter
  • Problem-free use, even in high-dust environments
  • Low maintenance outlay

Intelligent air flow.

Cold air enters through large intake surfaces in the front part of the machine, where the air is clean, and drawn through the engine compartment. The heat from the engine is discharged from the engine compartment at the rear, via exit grilles. This intelligent air routing design prevents any re-intake of exhaust air.

During road transport or when operating with part loads only, a lower fan speed may well be sufficient. DYNAMIC COOLING detects the requirements of all the cooling units, and electronically adjusts the speed accordingly, using thermosensors.


Automatic cleaning.

The reversible fan clears air intake surfaces completely automatically of dirt and dust particles. The fan direction is reversed at regular intervals. The time interval for this is pre-set, but can be changed by CLAAS Service if required. The fan can also be reversed manually at any time with a pushbutton control.

  • Easy cleaning of sieve
  • Long operating intervals
  • Constant output

Drive train.

All the power you need, and infinitely variable: The ground drive systems.

The SCORPION offers a choice of two hydrostatic ground drive systems. Both of them are electronically activated, and feature outstanding drive characteristics. Accurate driving and precisely metered thrust power are possible in every speed range.

  1. VARIPOWER with wide-angle hydrostatic pump (45°)
  2. Hydrostatic pump with 32° maximum swivel angle

Maximum comfort: VARIPOWER.

Thanks to the VARIPOWER transmission with 45° maximum swivel angle (wide-angle hydrostatic pump), the SCORPION has a top speed of 40 km/h, infinitely variable. Ground speed and thrust are kept coordinated with each other at all times. This keeps fuel consumption down even when operating at high capacity.


The robust performer: Hydrostatic.

Your basic class SCORPION with hydrostatic transmission gives you the assurance of a ground drive system that has been proven and continually enhanced over a period of decades, with a maximum swivel angle of 32°. The machine offers comfortable, infinitely variable and economic driving characteristics, through ground speeds from 0 to 30 km/h.


SMART ROADING adjusts the engine speed to the power level required. The operator only has to adjust the ground speed with the accelerator pedal. According to the capacity utilisation of the diesel engine, the engine speed is automatically raised or lowered. This has the effect of lowering the noise level when top speed is reached, and also reduces diesel consumption during both road transport and on-farm material handling operations.


Two braking variants.

Pressing once lightly on the brake pedal with inching function continuously reduces your ground speed. The engine speed stays the same. Pressing the pedal through to the floor automatically sets the ground drive to zero and activates the service brake. This allows accurate, precisely metered driving at any engine speed.

Slow driving made easy.

For operations calling for a high oil flow rate at low ground speeds, such as sweeping or litter spreading, the creep speed facility SCORPION VARIPOWER is just what is required. The ground speed is easily and conveniently adjusted with the electronic hand throttle, and you can set the required hydraulic oil flow with the accelerator pedal. The creep speed facility can be used in the snail and tortoise speed ranges.

In the SCORPION basic class with hydrostatic transmission, the position of the accelerator pedal can be locked with a mechanical lever and Bowden cable. You use the hand throttle to adjust the speed of the diesel engine.

In this case, you control the ground speed with your hand, and the oil flow with your foot. Electric hand acceleration, in combination with the creep speed facility if required, can be used to deliver higher, constant working hydraulics power.


Safe on the road.

For the SCORPION, there is a choice of a two-line air brake system or a hydraulic brake. This provides safe braking capability even for heavy trailers – for straw transport on the road, for example.

Automatic safety system when bringing the machine to a stop.

If you leave the driver's seat, switch off the engine or lower the ground speed to 0 km/h, the SCORPION automatically activates its electrohydraulic parking brake. The brake is released as soon as you depress the accelerator pedal or select a driving direction. A rocker switch is also available.



Stability in all positions.

The strong axle design and self-locking differential with lock value of 45 percent provide maximum safety when operating in different conditions. At the front, the SCORPION has a planetary steered drive axle with max. 35° steering angle, providing outstanding manoeuvrability, and at the rear a free-floating axle planetary axle with oscillation angle of 11° on each side.


Levelling for heavy loads.

The SCORPION 1033 and 1033 VARIPOWER allow hydraulic levelling between the chassis and front axle of +/- 8°. This function is activated with a rocker switch in the cab. There is a spirit level in the driver's direct field of view. This provides maximum stability on uneven terrain, and allows you to work accurately even at high lifting heights.

Steering modes for every application.

Four steering modes provide unbeatable manoeuvrability, even in the tightest of spaces. The new feature here is manual crab steering, with front-axle steering to make the machine still more manoeuvrable.

  1. Front-axle steering
  2. All-wheel steering
  3. Crab steering
  4. NEW: Manual crab steering

Front-axle steering


All-wheel steering


Crab steering


NEW: Manual crab steering